Multiquay Shipping Middle East LLC.

Dubai, as a logistic hub with an advantage of world class infrastructure leads by global standards and top quality business environment is a home for MULTIQUAY SHIPPING MIDDLE EAST LLC

Our core business is International Freight Forwarding and logistics services covering the widest range of cargos which we send to most parts of the world. We take pride in our worldwide network of partners and affiliates who enable us to provide smooth and seamless transportation services to our customers.

The core philosophy of the company is to address all verticals in the shipping segment, so as to provide holistic shipping services, all under one roof to our clients. We are part of an international network of Freight Forwarders and we can thus handle diverse cargoes in the far corners of the earth, inclusive of regions which may be strife torn at present.

We are a team of highly experienced professionals who served the shipping and logistics industry with dedication and distinction for a very long time. Our long experience helped us to develop very strong relationships with the Exporters, Importers, various Government organizations like Port Authorities, Customs, Chambers, Free Zone Authorities, etc. We leverage this enormous network for the benefit of our customers to provide the finest international transportation and logistics services

To become the foremost unified freight forwarding solutions provider catering to the needs of all type of customers through our operations, quality service and ethics.

"We are dedicated to provide value to our customers by successfully enhancing their shipping and logistics requirements through continuously making improvements to their current systems and processes and in so doing helping them to fulfil their commitment and commercial benefits"

Our Group Companies

Presence in India

International Presence

Zomorrodah Building, Entrance – B
Near to Dubai Central Laboratory, Office No#54B
AL Karama, PO BOX: 118563
Dubai-United Arab Emirates.
Tel: 00971 04 3548857
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Zomorrodah Building, Entrance – B
Near to Dubai Central Laboratory, Office No#54B
AL Karama, PO BOX: 118563
Dubai-United Arab Emirates.
Tel: 00971 04 3548857
Fax:00971 04 3548858,
E-mail :
Website :

Global business partner

Mainzer Landstr, 50 D-60325-Frankfurt, Germany.
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Company introduction

MULTIQUAY SHIPPING MIDDLE EAST LLC has been established in Dubai-UAE, with activities in international sea freight and air freight, as well on the import as on the export side, with the purpose to provide its customers and its agents worldwide a tailored service, meeting their specific requirements in the many different fields of international logistics, and this at the best possible conditions.

Our senior staffs, being active in sea freight & airfreight give us the experience and know how, which we put into practice to the benefit of our clients. Though competitive pricing is very important, it is a fact that the best logistics are definitely not those at the lowest cost. We are committed to provide superior quality shipping and logistics activities in all modes of transportation, aiming for a maximum of efficiency, and with a flexible and innovative approach.

We, MSM will keep being dedicated to satisfying customers demand and commit to our goal of becoming anincomparable quality and multi-functional service provider in Dubai-UAE.

International Freight Forwarding

Depth of service and flexibility are critical in managing today's complex and changing supply chain. Our freight forwarding and cargo management services include air, ocean and ground transportation services door-to-door on a worldwide basis for virtually any size shipment and any commodity. Equally as important, our one-to-one service culture ensures the safe handling of your shipments and allows real time access to information about your shipments.

Vital service sectors for Sea & Air
  • ASIA

1. Sea Freight
  • FCL/FCL services globally (Import/ Export/ Cross Trade shipment )
  • LCL/LCL Consolidation Services globally
  • Customs clearance & Door Delivery ( Special desk for late night clearance & door delivery)
  • Personal effects
  • Import for Re-export shipment ( CFS cross stuffing & Ware House cross stuffing)
2. Air Freight
  • Import-Export- Cross trade
  • Air Consolidation Services
  • Customs clearance & Door Delivery
  • Personal effects
  • Import for Re-export shipment
3. Road Transport
  • FTL/FTL services (Import/Export/ Cross country)
  • LTL/LTL Consolidation Services
  • Customs clearance / Door Delivery / Border clearance
  • Personal effects
4. Global Project Cargo Logistics
  • Heavy lifts / Specialized lift
  • Oversized cargo
  • Multimodal shipments
  • Customized logistics
5. Chartering and Ship Brokering
  • Worldwide ship chartering
  • Open tonnage
  • Open cargos
  • Ship Brokering
  • Long term contracts or COA
  • Excellent relationship with local & international ship owners, operators & charterers
  • Exclusive and Non Exclusive brokers
6. Perishable and Agro logistics
  • Cold room facilities
  • Perishable transportation
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Meat / Fish & Sea food
  • Hi-Tech equipment with climate / temperature control requirements
  • Pure Fresh equipment
  • Star cool reefer container arrangements with shipping line
7. Chemical logistics
  • Chemicals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Polymers
  • Bio Fuels
  • Life Science
  • Pharmaceutical sector
  • Special commodities
8. Health care logistics
  • Handling OTC
  • Consumer health products
  • Dangerous goods
  • Chemicals
  • API
  • Excipients
  • Pharmaceutical grade resins
9. Oil & Gas Logistics
  • Global freight forwarding services for air, sea and land transportation, as well as multimodal transport, from any global location to the client’s destination
  • Maritime support services
  • Supply base management
  • Committed to quality assurance .we place top priority on quality of service, processes and procedures
10. Multimodal Logistic services
  • SEA-AIR service
  • SEA-LAND service
  • AIR – SEA service
  • AIR- LAND service
  • LAND-SEA service
  • LAND AIR service
11. Warehousing & Supply Chain
  • Ware Housing
  • Supply Chain
  • Transportation
  • Distribution
Ex-Cora ( Gen. cargo )

The ocean, covering three-quarters of our planet, has always been the source of all life. It is also the lifeline of today’s global economy, providing the most cost-effective way to move resources and products to where they’re needed.

At Multiquay Shipping, we make the most effective use of this vital resource by introducing our vessel M/v Aegean Princess, drawing on decades of experience to provide top-notch services that contribute to make sound development of international trade mainly in the Middle East. At the same time, we use all our know-how and technology to ensure the long-term health of the marine environment.

      Download M/v Aegean Princess specification Click here


The company consists of a dedicated bunch of experienced professionals and this intangible asset of "people skills and team drudgery" is what we are blessed with, and this is what we consider our core competency.

Service principals

1. Customer First
  • To maintain customer interests of the primary principle.
  • To meet customer demand of the prime condition.
  • To achieve long-term & mutual development of the basic purpose.
3. Creditability Prime
  • On the customers, we treat reliably to seek stable cooperation.
  • On our staffs, we treat impartially to seek mutual development.
2. Professional and Realistic
  • Professional service and team drudgery.
  • Realistic quality & realistic attitude.
4. Open Communication
  • Good external communication makes us understand customer needs;
  • Good internal communication makes us a dedicated team.

No# Project Name Shipping Date Port of Loading Port of Discharge
1 HBL** 09/01/2014 Masan Persian Gulf
2 HNL** 09/01/2014 Masan persian Gulf
3 JF** 09/01/2014 Masan persian Gulf
4 JM** 09/01/2014 Masan persian Gulf
5 SEA** 09/01/2014 Masan persian Gulf
6 JM** 08/01/2014 Jebel Ali persian Gulf
7 JF/HNL** 07/01/2014 Jebel Ali persian Gulf
8 DMS** 07/01/2014 Shanghai Persian Gulf
9 JF/FT** 06/01/2014 Jebel Ali persian Gulf
10 JM** 06/01/2014 Gunsan Jebel Ali
11 SLR FLR** 06/01/2014 Bilbao Jebel Ali
12 DrM** 06/01/2014 Shanghai Persian Gulf
13 SNL ELE** 04/01/2014 Masan Persian Gulf
14 JM** 04/01/2014 Masan Persian Gulf
15 SGM** 03/01/2014 Durban, South Africa Jebel Ali, UAE
16 JF** 03/01/2014 Masan, Korea Sharjah, UAE
17 HNL** 03/01/2014 Masan, Korea Sharjah, UAE
18 JM** 02/01/2014 Gunsan, Korea Sharjah, UAE
19 JM** 01/01/2014 Masan, Korea Jebel Ali
20 JF** 01/01/2014 Gunsan, Korea Jebel Ali
21 FTH** 12/01/2013 Jebel Ali,UAE Persian Gulf
22 TCK** 05/01/2013 Johanesburg, South Africa Jebel Ali, UAE
Common Questions

1. I need to ship personal items; can you help me?
Yes we can, we can ship anything, anywhere!
2. How do I get a quote?
Just follow the link to contact us, email us
or call us on 00971 04 3548857
3. What countries do you ship to / from?
We operate accross 200 countries, linking us with over 725 cities and 5327 member companies. This allows us to help you with your logistics around the world.
4. Do you ship and / or store Dangerous Goods / Hazardous Materials?
We have specialised capabilities that include shipment and storage of certain types of hazardous materials.
5. What is a Bill of Lading?
A Bill of Lading is a transport document issued in sea freight. It is a document required to be presented at destination to obtain the release of cargo.
6. What is an Airwaybill?
An Airwaybill is a transport document issued for Airfreight. The Airwaybill (AWB) number and flight information enables tracking of your consignment.
7. How do I receive copies of documentation?
Many shipping documents are accessible to registered users of our Track and Trace web-based visibility, monitoring and reporting tool or can be requested by e-mail or telephone.
8. When does the carriers' liability begin and end?
The Carrier shall be liable for loss of or damage to the goods occurring between the time when the carrier accepts and takes the goods into its charge and the time of delivery.
9. Do I need Insurance?
Carriers' terms and conditions can limit liability in the event of loss or damage. There is no guarantee of a recovery against a carrier for loss or damage to goods and if a recovery is successfully made it is frequently not for the full amount of the loss because the law sets limits on the compensation carriers are required to pay. Cargo insurance in these circumstances is, at the very least, desirable. Quick Cargo Service recommends goods are adequately covered by insurance.
10. Can you arrange cargo insurance cover for me?
Yes in most cases Quick Cargo Service can arrange insurance cover.
11. How do I determine the "volume weight"?
Volume weight is determined by using the following calculations for those shipments with dimensions in centimeters: (Length x Width x Height) divided by 6000 = volume in kilograms.
12. What is "dimensional weight"?
Dimensional weight is a standard formula used throughout the freight industry that considers a package's density when determining charges. Transportation charges are based on the gross weight of the shipment or the dimensional weight of the shipment; whichever is greater. Simply put, dimensional weight is when the weight of a package is inappropriately less than the actual size of the package. For example, a box filled with inflated balloons.
13. When do dimensional weight charges apply?
When the actual weight of a package is less than the calculated dimensional weight, carriers charge by the dimensional weight. Weight or Volume (wt.) whichever is higher is your chargeable weight.
14. Are my airfreight charges based on the actual weight of the cargo only?
IATA regulations state that the cost of airfreight must be calculated on the "chargeable" weight. IATA defines the "chargeable weight" as the actual gross weight or the volume weight, whichever is greater.
15. How should I pack my shipments?
Please pack, crate or stack on pallets securely to prevent damage. Secure cartons to the pallet with banding, shrink-wrap, stretch-wrap or breakaway adhesive. If you are unsure we can offer advice and even do it for you through our packing service.
16. Can I schedule a shipment and have it picked up on the same day?
Yes, we will endeavour to meet your requirements. We can offer this through our Road Freight Service.

If you have something to share with us, suggestions, feedback or anything else to discuss with us, please feel free to contact us via this contact form.

PO Box: 118563, Dubai-UAE
Tel: 00971 04 3548857
Fax:00971 04 3548858,
E-mail :
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